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Fear the Fossil Fuel Future Shock

Just how much of Australia’s coal should we export or allow to be burned and what is the implication for Australia’s economy if we leave our current reserves in the ground? Well, the latest report from Carbon Tracker Initiative deals … Continue reading

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Coal and Climate Change

Buring of fossil fuels, such as coal, is forcing our atmosphere to trap more heat. The heat escaping into space is less than the energy that comes in from the sun. Measurements of the trends are very clear, we are … Continue reading

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Kariong Forum – 2

Many at the Kariong Forum have requested copies of the presentations given there. One of these is located here: 20120428–Kariong-Forum-post For those enquiring after the mapping, you can go directly to the Gosford City Council sea level rise maps:  http://www.gosford.nsw.gov.au/gis/slr/sea-level-mapping Continue reading

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