Sue Wynn

Sue Wynn (Greens, candidate for Wyong)

Interviewed 18 Feb 2011

Answers to questions:

If elected, what are the three main actions you and your party will take to mitigate climate change?

1: A plan for getting out of Coal via a just transition where workers are trained for a new career in renewable energy. (Greens policy 40% cut in emissions by 2020)

2: Fast train and promotion of public transport. Freight to go back onto trains.

3: Closing down Munmorah Power Station.

Greens policy on Climate Change and Energy is at:

Do you support the proposed Wallarah 2 coal mine in Wyong Shire? No

Do you support the building of new coal-fired power stations or the expansion of existing ones in NSW? No

Do you support offshore gas drilling along the NSW and Central Coast? No

Do you support coal seam gas extraction in the Hunter Valley and elsewhere in NSW? No

What is your plan for keeping the remaining fossil fuels in the ground? Sue indicated that she could work through Wyong Council to make the Shire carbon neutral, work on recycling waste, etc. The Council already plans to implement the UN Principles for Sustainability.

How do you propose to prevent atmospheric GHG concentrations pushing us past 2 degrees and dangerous climate trigger points? As for above, Sue would work towards a 40% reduction in emissions by 2020.

Will you push for a rising price on carbon emissions? Yes. This is Greens policy.

Will you push for implementation of the Zero Carbon Australia 2020 Stationary Energy Plan ( Sue indicated she supported The Zero Carbon Australia Plan as a good first step to defining a move towards full renewable energy for Australia.

Will you push to remove government subsidies for fossil fuel industries and other industries that emit GHGs? Government subsidies for fossil fuels should be phased out.

Will you implement a plan to buy back low-lying areas subject to sea level rise and if not how will you help the people who live there? Government has a duty of care to assist people to move when the impacts of sea level rise are felt.

Will you implement vehicle fuel consumption/efficiency standards and what fuel efficiency will you mandate for government fleet cars (e.g. <8 L/100km)? Yes. The European Star system should be adopted with 4 stars the level of acceptance.