Deidrie Jinks

Deidrie Jinks (Greens, candidate for The Entrance)

Interviewed 10 March 2011

Answers to questions:

If elected, what are the three main actions you and your party will take to mitigate climate change?

1 Do something – move to non-fossil fuel power supply

2 Do something now

3 Support sensible carbon pricing

Do you support the proposed Wallarah 2 coal mine in Wyong Shire? No

Do you support the building of new coal-fired power stations or the expansion of existing ones in NSW? No

Do you support offshore gas drilling along the NSW and Central Coast? No

Do you support coal seam gas extraction in the Hunter Valley and elsewhere in NSW? No 

What is your plan for keeping the remaining fossil fuels in the ground?

Phase out coal fired power stations. No coal seam gas, end subsidies for mining industry 

1. No new coal plants or mines

2. Move to renewables

3. Encourage international action/similar

How do you propose to prevent atmospheric GHG concentrations pushing us past 2 degrees and dangerous climate trigger points? I honestly believe that it is too late to stop at 2 degrees

Will you push for a rising price on carbon emissions? Yes, a huge price

Will you push for implementation of the Zero Carbon Australia 2020 Stationary Energy Plan ( Yes

Will you push to remove government subsidies for fossil fuel industries and other industries that emit GHGs? Yes

Will you implement a plan to buy back low-lying areas subject to sea level rise and if not how will you help the people who live there? No – but safety net provisions are required

Will you implement vehicle fuel consumption/efficiency standards and what fuel efficiency will you mandate for government fleet cars (e.g. <8 L/100km)? Yes – we do need a fuel efficiency minimum standard