Chris Holstein

Chris Holstein (Liberal candidate for seat of Gosford (previously Peats) currently a Councilor with Gosford City Council (prior Mayor))

Interviewed 8 Feb 2011

Answers to questions:

If elected, what are the three main actions you and your party will take to mitigate climate change?

Chris gave these answers:

1: Rescue the $150 million program recently cancelled by the Federal Govt.

2: Introduce a gross feed-in tariff to encourage renewable energy – level still to be determined.

3: Take measures for recovery from extreme weather events

Chris did not answer any of the remaining standard questions directly except to say the coalition was against the Wallarah 2 coal mine and that the state needs gas for energy production.

When asked about climate change he appeared open to our providing him with information on the issue.

On the issue generally, he was concerned about the impact on the ‘battlers’ of measures to reduce emissions. He supported the need to consider the future of our children and grandchildren.