Climate Future talks to Permaculture group

This Tuesday, there will be a talk at the local Permaculture group at the Hall in Anzac Road, Tuggerah – 7pm. All are welcome (small donation if not a member).

Hear the latest on the science and a run-down of the global targets we need to aim for. Hear what plans there are to replace our fossil fuel power stations with renewable energy. Find out what you can do yourself to keep Australia on track to fulfil our obligations to the world community and to future generations.

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New Senate Balance

There are to be a large number of independents in the Senate this time. It looks like the Greens will be out in the cold. Decisions related to climate are likely to be made by a couple of people who know nothing about the subject.

It is likely that Bob Day of Family First and David Leyonhjelm of the Liberal Democratic Party will side with the Govt. The Palmer United Party reps, Glenn Lazarus and Jacqui Lambie will also be in the denial camp. John Madigan of the DLP appears to be on the do nothing side also.

This leaves Nick Xenophon who thinks the Carbon Tax is not a good idea but supports action and two others who don’t appear to know anything about climate:- Ricky Muir of the Australian Motoring Enthusiasts Party and Wayne Dropulich of the Australian Sports Party. Both these appear to have got in by mistake – never expecting to take the trick!

These three voting with the Greens and Labor would …

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At long last! Climate Change figures in the debate

After a long election campaign of some 7 months, including a change of leader and many policy debates, Climate Change finally raised its head on Monday – just three days before the media blackout.

The most important issue! And ne where the main parties differ:-  How to deal with Climate Change. There are two parts to this:- one is how to mitigate (reduce emissions) and the other is how to adapt. Adaptation has not raised a single question during the entire campaign. Not even the Greens have raised this issue or perhaps the media have failed to report such. But I will focus on mitigation as that has been the main part of the political debate for a long time.

First, lets look at the target: 5% is agreed by both Labor and Coalition parties, that is, 5% reduction on Australia’s year 2000 emissions by 2020. The argument is that this is a lot as on projections for increased demand in recent years, we would have increased our emissions by around 10% between 2008 and 2020 under the business as usual scenario. It should be pointed out that this is a 4% reduction on 1990 emissions – a woeful target when compared to the EU which has already reduced their emissions from 1990 levels by 11% and plan to reduce a further 10% or so by 2020.

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Copacabana Climate & Energy Talk

Climate Change Talk
Copacabana Surf Club on 28th August starting 7pm

Check out:-   for more info.

This talk will set you up for the coming election. What should the government be doing, what about renewable energy, can you help with local energy development? Grab a tea and talk to others with similar concerns.

Find out more and discuss the issues.

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Saving Lives Trumps Saving Property Values

By JOHN ASQUITH June 7, 2013, 10:30 p.m.

SEVERAL years ago, I was driving south from Brisbane and got trapped in floods at Bellingen. After a massive downpour and a slightly later tidal surge, the waters rose rapidly. It was just on dark. Barely able to see the centre line of the road, I drove on slowly, expecting to see a road block.

I rang 000, but all the emergency services were rescuing and evacuating people from Harwood Island. I stopped in the middle of the road with other drivers,  and we decided to form a convoy and drive back to find higher ground.

I rang home to hear loved voices but did not tell them of my fear. We had no idea of where the flood was coming from, no sense of where to find safe ground. We were terrified.

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Fear the Fossil Fuel Future Shock

Just how much of Australia’s coal should we export or allow to be burned and what is the implication for Australia’s economy if we leave our current reserves in the ground?

Well, the latest report from Carbon Tracker Initiative deals with just this issue and follows hard on their report regarding the investment bubble in the fossil fuel industry (

The report on Australia’s coal reserves labels Oz as a “carbon bomb”. If we burn our reserves (or sell to someone else to burn) Australia would be responsible for 150 Gigatonnes of CO2 emissions or roughly one third of the total world budget.

Climate Progress has a round up in their own inimitable style here:-

Scientists have been telling us for a long time now that we need to replace our fossil fuels. Lets make it a priority for this election to have a plan for this replacement, for the shutting down of our coal mining, even of our gas industry. There is no reason why we cannot change over to renewables on a nation-wide scale.

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Talk on Saturday – Kariong Eco Hub

Following on from a talk at Politics in the Pub…

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