General Climate, Temperature

As the global temperature rises, the tropics will expand, pushing warmer weather patterns southward from Queensland into New South Wales. We are already seeing destabilization of the north polar jet stream with unexpected cold weather hitting some temperate regions of the northern hemisphere at the same time as the Arctic region is unduly Hot.

Impact type                        2050                             2100                          2300

                                       Low        High                Low        High             Low        High

Global average temperature

       increase (Deg C):       1.5         2                     3.0         5                      ?           ?

Central Coast
climate to be
more like:               Coffs      Ballina            Brisbane   Broome               ?           ?

 [Reviewed Feb 2019]

As the climate warms there will be more extremely hot days and less extremely cold days. The destabilization occurring to the polar jet stream may eventually occur in the southern hemisphere, but this could be further off in the future due to the “round” geography of Antarctica and the wide southern ocean.

Impact type                             2050                             2100                          2300

                                            Low        High                Low        High             Low        High

Extreme hot days:             4              8                      8            20

Fire Days                             9             14                    12           18

Evaporation increase        1%         8%                    5%         30%    (> increased drought)

 [Reviewed Feb 2019]