Changing climate will require species to move to zones where the climate suits their survival. We can already see this in the types of birds that visit our suburbs and the movement of fish down the east coasts of Australia.

Many habitats will be split up by movement of the more mobile species away while the plants they depend on cannot move quickly enough. This will lead to greatly damaged or lost habitats and accelerating “weed” problems. Habitats impacted most drastically will be complex habitats with long evolutionary pasts (e.g. mountain habitats, rainforests, coral reefs) fragile species with small geographical ranges, etc. Some studies suggest that predators at the higher end of the food chain are likely to be the first to go. This is why unexpected species may become pests.

All groups of biodiversity will be impacted including:

   sea life        plants         animals

Impact type                     2050                             2100                          2300
.                                 Low        High                Low        High             Low        High

Loss of habitat      40%          60%                60%        90%

 [Reviewed Mar 2018]