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Submission to Parliament Inquiry into Nuclear Power

Climate Future mad the following submission. To:- Standing Committee on the Environment and Energy RE: Inquiry into the prerequisites for nuclear energy in Australia We are writing to inform you that we oppose the introduction of nuclear energy into Australia. … Continue reading

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Public Talk

A presentation was made last night to a group of more than 60 on the potential impacts of climate change and the urgency of action required to respond to the issue. The discussion following the presentation was extensive with questions … Continue reading

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2. Energy Alternatives

Climate Future’s second monthly forum will be held on Sat 7th at the Gosford Leisure & Learning Centre, 217 Albany St. Nth at 1:30pm. For 30 years now we have heard of doubts regarding the science behind Global … Continue reading

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Climate Change Forum Series

Climate Forum Series, Forum 1-1: Heat, Pollution and Health  –  first of the series of Forums to be held monthly. 11th Aug 2019, 1:30pm to 3pm, Anglican Church, 3 Mann St, Gosford A Forum on Heat, Pollution and Health is … Continue reading

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Council’s Climate Change Policy

The Council’s Climate Change Policy was passed by Council on the 8th July. Given the overwhelming public support for action on climate change, this is as it should be. This policy is an overarching policy that provides for Council to begin … Continue reading

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CEN Annual Forum 2019

Climate Future attended the CEN Annual Forum: “Positive Pathways for Climate Action”, on 2nd June 2019. A short presentation was made by Richard Weller. Jo Muller also reported on the activities of Central Coast Community Energy Association. The forum was … Continue reading

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Climate Crisis Forum

The Climate Crisis Forum was successfully held on Monday 13th May 2019 at the Gosford Uniting Church. This was held in the run-up to the Federal Election and more than 40 people attended. Richard Weller opened the proceedings and set … Continue reading

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The Uninhabitable Earth

“If your anxiety about global warming is dominated by fears of sea-level rise, you are barely scratching the surface of what terrors are possible.” This is the opening line of a 2017 article by David Wallace-Wells published in New York … Continue reading

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