Welcome to Culture Swerve. This site supports Climate Future (a committee of CEN, Community Environment Network). We are not accepting comments due to time constraints but feel free to look over the information here. All information is copyright. Permission is given to re-use this information provided the source is acknowledged.

The science is clear. We are driving the heating up of our planet. The rate and degree of this heating is unprecedented in geological history (millions of years). The information is set out by the IPCC (assessment reports reviewed word for word and signed off by all the major governments of the world), CSIRO, BOM, NOAA, Royal Society, EEA (EU), AAAS, NASA,  Universities and climate research groups around the world,  etc. (see http://opr.ca.gov/facts/list-of-scientific-organizations.html ). They state that climate change is human driven caused by increasing concentration of GHGs in the atmosphere primarily CO2, Methane, etc. We are working towards educating the public to the dangers and impacts as well as providing opportunities for the community to mitigate and adapt to climate change.

The site is called Culture Swerve to reflect the problems facing human kind in trying to adjust our way of living to mitigate and adapt to the coming changes. We require a new way of thinking and a sort of cultural swerve to save our planet from the massive changes that will occur if we continue business as usual. Action to eliminate burning of fossil fuels is critical now – it is too late to delay any longer. Delay measured in a few years will make it virtually impossible for humanity to stop changes that would cause collapse of our culture and possibly extinction of our selves.

The solutions are known – renewable electricity, electric vehicles, control and elimination of all GHG emissions. This will take decades to achieve, hence the need to start immediately.

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