Welcome to Culture Swerve. This is a new site set up to assist Climate Future (a committee of CEN, Community Environment Network). At this stage we are not accepting comments due to time constraints but feel free to look over the information here. All information is copyright. Permission is given to re-use this information provided the source is acknowledged.

We accept that climate change is human driven and are working towards educating the public to the dangers and impacts as well as providing opportunities for the community to mitigate and adapt to climate change.

We called this site Culture Swerve to reflect the problems facing human kind in trying to adjust our way of living to mitigate and adapt to the coming changes. We require a new way of thinking and a sort of cultural redirection  or swerve to save our planet from the massive changes that will occur if we continue business as usual.

If you want to know more about what is happening on the Central Coast of NSW (Australia) contact Climate Future on its web pages on the CEN web site at www.cen.org.au/issues/climatefuture/  

Or send to: coolit@cen.org.au or via CEN on +61 2 4349 4756

Regards, Ricki

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