Climate Change Forum Series

Climate Forum Series, Forum 1-1: Heat, Pollution and Health  –  first of the series of Forums to be held monthly.

11th Aug 2019, 1:30pm to 3pm, Anglican Church, 3 Mann St, Gosford

A Forum on Heat, Pollution and Health is to be held on Sunday the 11th August, 1:30pm at the Gosford Anglican Church. This is the first of a monthly series of Forums at the Church that will deal with a range of subjects related to Climate Change. The aim of this series is to provide opportunities for the community to learn from the experts about some of the impacts of climate change and the background science. Positive pathways will also be outlined that take us towards a zero carbon future.

Doctor Kim Loo is a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. She has extensive experience as a GP and will present the impacts on her patients resulting from our heating world.

The world is heating up and we need to cut our use of fossil fuels. The health crisis we will be discussing provides reasons to respond to both of these issues. The air-borne pollutants from our coal fired power stations drift across the Central Coast threatening our health and that of our children and the aged.

Studies have shown that ground level ozone combined with additional heat stress, fine particulate matter and other air borne pollutants are combining to increase the risk of many diseases. Increased deaths have been directly attributed to air pollution for some very common diseases. The situation is compounded by the extreme heatwaves we have been seeing this last 20 years and which are expected to be worse this coming decade. Increased heat is encouraging diseases to move south from the tropics. These trends could well affect someone you know as the heat intensifies.

Dr Kim Loo will be joined by her colleagues to provide guidance on what to do to avoid the worst of the heat. There will be time for questions and discussion after the presentations. The Forum is free but booking is essential so that we can plan for numbers.


Further forums planned so far include:

Forum 1-2:   Energy Alternatives,  Sept 2019  –  will cover household solar PV and the transition of Australia’s electricity network to renewables.

Forum 1-3:   The Human Role in Modern Climate Change,   Oct 2019.  The urgency, tipping points and the science behind our understanding for the future.    

Forum 1-4:   Food & Water,   Nov 2019  

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