Climate Crisis Forum

The Climate Crisis Forum was successfully held on Monday 13th May 2019 at the Gosford Uniting Church. This was held in the run-up to the Federal Election and more than 40 people attended. Richard Weller opened the proceedings and set out the seriousness of the subject and then introduced Dr. Mark Diesendorf, Associate Professor at the UNSW Centre for Energy and Environmental Markets.

Dr. Diesendorf is well known for his expertise in the development of renewable energy and its implementation in Australia’s economy. He and presented on the need to reduce emissions, the easy implementation and cheapness of renewables and the policies proposed by the various parties during the election campaign. It appeared from the information presented that the Coalition Govt has essentially no plan to effectively cut emissions. Labor would need additional policies to push Australia towards effective cuts.

A target of around 65% cut below 1990 emissions levels was needed to meet the aspirations of the Paris agreement to keep the warming below a dangerous level. The Climate Change Authority had issued similar recommended levels of cuts in its 2015 report. Many questions were answered by Dr. Diesendorf following the presentations.

The presentations are available below.

Dr. Diesendorf:   Diesendorf_Gosford_13May2019

Richard Weller:   20190513–CFv3–ClCrisis-pdf-version

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