CEN Annual Forum 2019

Climate Future attended the CEN Annual Forum: “Positive Pathways for Climate Action”, on 2nd June 2019. A short presentation was made by Richard Weller. Jo Muller also reported on the activities of Central Coast Community Energy Association.

The forum was attended by more than 120 people and included a packed schedule including a very interesting presentation by guest speaker Vanessa McCann (from Council) on Tuggerah Lakes Estuary and its water quality issues. Reports from leaders of various programs included Waterwatch, Land for Wildlife, Habitat for Wildlife, Bush Regeneration Team, Marine Discovery Centre, Seismic Testing for PEP11 (offshore gas), Mangrove Mountain Landfill, Wallarah II, COSS Lands (Council Open Space System), NCC Air Quality campaign (Coal Ash Community Alliance), Porters Creek Wetland, monitoring of Dora Creek biodiversity (by Terry Annables) etc.

Further presentations were made on Plant Based Alternatives, Food networks (PEG and FIG) Central Coast Community Energy, Take 3 for the Sea, Australian Seabird Rescue (ASRCC), CC Marine Debris Campaign (Sea Shepard), Greening of the Central Coast (Council program – Chris McLean) and Grow Urban Shade Trees.

A copy of Richard’s presentation can be accessed here:   20190602–CFv1–PosPathwys-pdf-version

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