Climate Future talks to Permaculture group

This Tuesday, there will be a talk at the local Permaculture group at the Hall in Anzac Road, Tuggerah – 7pm. All are welcome (small donation if not a member).

Hear the latest on the science and a run-down of the global targets we need to aim for. Hear what plans there are to replace our fossil fuel power stations with renewable energy. Find out what you can do yourself to keep Australia on track to fulfil our obligations to the world community and to future generations.

With a new Government in Canberra just setting up, we need to let them know what we expect them to do. Tony Abbott expects to remove the carbon price and aims to reach the 5% reduction target by purchasing reductions with a couple of billion dollars. Economists say this will fall short of the 5% target. Abbott says that is all he will commit to the problem.

Should we be happy to let the target be missed? Find out more at the Permaculture night this Tuesday.

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