Talk on Saturday – Kariong Eco Hub

Following on from a talk at Politics in the Pub…

last week, Richard Weller will be speaking again Saturday evening 13 April 2013 at the “4 Seasons for Art and Film” night at Kariong Eco Hub (Dandaloo St). Hear Richard talk – listen to the Central Coast Conservatorium Strings Ensemble playing Vivaldi’s Four Seasons – see the film Bimblebox.

There is more with dirtgirlworld, films, storytelling and more:

Richard will be talking after the music from 6:45 to 7:30. He will focus on the issues raised at Politics in the Pub and answer questions to clear up any confusion about the science.

The most conservative organizations like The World Bank, International Monetary Fund and Price Waterhouse Coopers agree that we are heading for 4 to 6 degrees of warming by 2100 if we don’t urgently change our fossil fuel dependancy. Come and hear the latest. Find out just how things stand. Ask questions about the detail. Educate yourself.

We must act and we must demand our politicians act because time is running out to keep a lid on warming.

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