Human work output drops 10% and set to go even lower

A new report at Climate Central says we have lost 10% of human productivity due to increased temperatures and humidity. Recent extreme events have shown the impact of increased moisture in the air on our climate. This study investigates the impact on physical work output.

High humidity makes it harder to work. A temperature may be OK if the air allows sweat to evaporate, but if it is humid, the body cannot cool down by evaporation of sweat and can get over heated.

The study by NOAA projects a further loss of another 10% to human productivity by 2050 and under a 6 degree C increase (by 2200) people would be able to work only 40% of what they did before the industrial revolution during the summer months.

The impacts of global warming get more serious with every new discovery. Why should we allow our politicians to remove hard won climate protections when they should be strengthening them.

In this year of a federal election, I urge you all to vote for the climate. We have a moral responsibility to think of the future.

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