Dire Warning from World Bank

I cannot think of a more conservative organization than the world bank. With a forward written by the President of the bank, “Turn Down the Heat – Why a 4 degree world must be avoided” was released on 19th November.

The Report sets out the litany of indicators that prove we are heading for a hotter planet. The World Bank warns that we must stop using fossil fuels or disaster will be inevitable.

The science has got worse, it says, since 2009 when the world failed to achieve an international plan to do something about the problem at Copenhagen. The Report indicates that if the countries implement the promises they made in the Bali round that followed, we would have a very small chance of limiting the rise to 2 degrees – the pledge agreed on at the time.

In fact on our current trajectory we are heading for more than 4 degrees and possibly 6 degrees.

The thorough Report lists all the indicators, discusses the latest projections and current trends and describes the impacts that would occur if we continue towards 4 degrees. It is compelling reading and should be understood by all.



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