A passionate opinion from Bernard

This is a quote mined from Tamino’s web site, Open Mind by Bernard (Bernard J. October 5, 2012 at 2:50 pm)


Bernard reflects the urgency of action for today. We should take a leaf from his book!

“I’ve said elsewhere recently (although I can’t find where) that AR6 will be the last assessment that will report on the process of human-caused climate change in a light where its findings may serve as a base for substantive international mitigation efforts.

AR7 will the the first (perhaps the second?) to begin a process of cataloguing how much humanity has forteited opportunity to mitigate rather than to advise on what is necessary to do so, and it will also begin to catalog the ever-decreasing opportunity to adapt in the future. Unless things begin to change in the next year or so, by the time A10 comes along (if it does) it will be more a geopolitical document that a scientific one.

At some point very soon national academies of science need to step up their commentary on climate change,

beyond mere media releases on how there is a consensus that warming is occurring. This is about more than just the communication of the science, this is about the communication of the urgency of the impending catastrophe. There needs to be a very vocal, highly-sustained, profession-wide and policy-focussed clarion call to governments around the world, and to the blithely somnambulent public at large.

It has nothing to do with scientists being political or partisan, and everything with them putting their expertise to the fore in order to prevent the worst happening. Jim Hansen was in the past much derided in certain scientific quarters for his activism, and he still is by some, but in another decade or two he will be regarded as a leader of those who showed enough heroism to attempt to shift humanity from a suicidal path.

It’s no longer enough for scientists to simply be counted. They need to be heard, clearly, loudly, and continuously. There should be news flashes, mass-media advertisements, social media campaigns, convergences on houses of parliament. They need to hold political leaders and contenders to account, and to ensure that those in government and business who attempt to skirt around emissions reduction are clearly identified as being knowingly culpable of the greatest crimes against humanity and biology ever perpetrated.

Given the imminent US elections, and the closing Australian elections next year, every day makes a difference now. As others have said, the horse has already bolted, but we still have the choice to close the door and repair the walls before the whole barn comes tumbling down.”

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