Report Released

At Woytopia, 28th Oct, Climate Future released its report on the Sea Level Rise Forum held recently in Woy Woy. The Report details the opinions of the community on what we should be doing to adapt to sea level rise and how they want our governments to behave.

CF-WoyWoy Report-V2-20120825

The community called for more consultation on government measures and more communication with the community affected.

The information from Laurie Ratz of the Insurance Council of Australia helped to dispel some of the myths around the increases in premiums being experienced by water front owners. ‘Shop around’ was the advice.

Besides the release of the Report, there were three other talks given at Woytopia: More>

Wolf Messthaler and Nigel Hancock presented the fully detailed plan from BZE to replace Australia’s fossil fuel dependent electricity with 100% renewable energy.

Joachim Muller presented the newly formed Central Coast Community Energy Association (CCCE). They have Real projects; Real energy – CCCE plans to build solar and wind power stations within the Central Coast community.

Ian Garradd spoke on  Energy bill reductions—increased comfort and carbon neutral living for the home owner. Methods for everyone to use were discussed and the money that can be saved.

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