Renew your Energy with Climate Future at Woytopia

Climate Futureis running the Green Room Talks at the Woytopia Festival on Sun 28th Oct 2012 ( Starting with the launch of the Report on the recent well attended Woy Woy Forum on Sea Level Rise, we have three speakers to follow who will talk about renewable energy and energy efficiency.

10am – Climate Future will present its Report from the recent Forum: Sea Level Rise – “Looking for Solutions”   Hear the latest on the risks to our coasts and find out what the local community thinks we should do about sea level rise. How best should we respond to rising sea levels and what sort of planning is needed. Also in the Report – the facts about waterfront / flood insurance.


Wolf Messthaler and Nigel Hancock will present the Australian plan to replace our fossil fuel based electricity with 100% renewable energy. Learn how to ask your politicians to build a clean Australia.


Joachim Muller will be presenting the newly formed Central Coast Community Energy Association (CCCE):- Real projects; Real energy – CCCE plans to build solar and wind power stations within the Central Coast community and you can help to make it a reality.


Ian Garradd  Energy bill reductions—increased comfort and carbon neutral living for your home. Methods for everyone to use. You can save money.

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Renew Your Future Climate with Renewable Energy:

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Temperatures are rising because of increased levels of green house gases in our atmosphere from the burning of fossil fuels. As a result our climate is changing with impacts already being seen around the world and potentially devastating impacts that will affect generations into the future.

“We must adapt to what we cannot avoid and

avoid what we cannot adapt to.”

We must think of what our children and grandchildren will have to face.

Our most pressing task is to adopt renewable energy so that we can leave fossil fuels in the ground. If we burn all the coal and oil we currently are mining we will pass the internationally agreed threshold of 2 degrees rise 3 times over. Such an outcome would mean disaster and trigger a mass extinction event. We would lose the culture we have built over the last 10,000 years in a dark ages of violence and chaos.

The lack of international action to significantly reduce emissions is very concerning. We can still hope to influence our political leaders to increase international action. But for ourselves, we can take steps at the local level and across Australia right now. The Green Room Talks will provide you with some of the knowledge you need to tackle this problem.

As Kevin Rudd said…                 “The clock is ticking for the planet…”

Climate Future is a local grass roots group on the Central Coast who run as a Committee of CEN.

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