Barriers to Adaptation

The Federal independant body, The Productivity Commission has prepared a study on the “Barriers to Effective Climate Change Adaptation”. They called for comment and held public meetings recently to collect responses on the report.

Climate Future attended and presented comment (see attached).


It was disapointing to see that for a whole day available to hear comments on the draft report, all presenters were finished by 1pm. Those present amounted to a couple of reporters and a handfull of interested people. For a subject that is already impacting thousands around the world and likely to touch on all of us at some point, there appeared very little interest.

Whatever happened to…

“The greatest moral challenge of our time”? It’s still here of course, just no-one wants to take it on at the moment.

Now that the weather has turned hot again in the USA, people there are more willing to admit to believing that climate change is the cause. If we have a hot summer this year, it will be the same here. With all the rain recently, people have dismissed global warming.

As we stated in the comments, the biggest barrier to adaptation (and mitigation also) is the lack of education of the public about the changes they can expect.

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