Australia joins the Hockey Stick

In one paper, scientists have used tree rings and coral records (among others) to define the temperature trends for the Australasian region. [J. Gergis, R. Neukom, S.J. Phipps, A.J.E. Gallant, and D.J. Karoly, “Evidence of unusual late 20th century warming from an Australasian temperature reconstruction spanning the last millennium”, Journal of Climate, 2012, pp. 120518103842003]

They find what can only be defined as a Southern Hemisphere Hockey Stick!

Another 2 papers study the West Antarctic record. [A.J. Orsi, B.D. Cornuelle, and J.P. Severinghaus, “Little Ice Age cold interval in West Antarctica: Evidence from borehole temperature at the West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS) Divide”, Geophysical Research Letters, vol. 39, 2012] and [V. Zagorodnov, O. Nagornov, T.A. Scambos, A. Muto, E. Mosley-Thompson, E.C. Pettit, and S. Tyuflin, “Borehole temperatures reveal details of 20th century warming at Bruce Plateau, Antarctic Peninsula”, The Cryosphere Discussions, vol. 5, 2011, pp. 3053-3084]

The result is yet further support, if there was any needed, for the fact that we are experiencing unusual warming in the last few decades.

There is a good roundup on Realclimate: (

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