Carbon Price

Media release:  CF-Media Release-20110710

Australia acts on carbon pollution

If put into action the Federal Government’s package for a price on carbon is a great step forward towards building a low carbon economy. The Government is to be congratulated on finally taking this step towards securing the future of our children and grandchildren. Human society must transition to a low emissions economy urgently and this package is a necessary first step.

In particular the package includes generous tax cuts and payment increases for people on a low income. There is also allowance for helping vulnerable industries to protect jobs and productive sectors of the economy. The support for renewable energy is particularly important given the overwhelming support voiced by the Australian people in a recent survey (86% wanted a plan for 100% renewable energy, see ).

“There is great opportunity for the Central Coast in the area of renewable energy with the need to replace local jobs in the coal sector with new industries” said John Asquith.

“We encourage Central Coast businesses and local government to support the move to a low carbon economy as a doorway to future local employment.” New businesses here could benefit from the large amounts of funds available under the Government’s package.

Australia has been lagging behind the rest of the world in tackling climate change. Setting a price on carbon will bring us into line with countries such as Germany and the UK.

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