Congratulations Australia

This is a really big thankyou.

A thankyou to our politicians, to our local supporters and to all who have sent letters, rung, signed petitions, handed out leaflets, talked to people and generally helped to get this change through. It is a change for Australia’s future and the world.

The members of the Climate Future Committee want you to know that you have all helped to bring the pressure to bear on our politicians to achieve this fundamental reform of our society.

A particular thankyou is due to all those who were part of the 14,000 conversations about renewable energy that identified the enormous support for renewable energy in the Australian community (82% wanted a plan for 100% renewable energy, see

Of course, the job is not yet done. We are yet to see the legislation go through and the changes begin in our economy. There is also the need to ensure that the changes are rapid and permanent and that the fight is taken into the international arena.

Simply…  thankyou, and keep up the good work.

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