Central Coast Conversations

As part of the 14,000 national conversations held regarding renewable energy, Climate Future held a number on the Central Coast, see report:


There were many questions asked of our local politicians. These will be put to the pollies and we will report their answers.

The results of the local conversations are:

Questions:                                                                            Answer: 
1 Is Gov’t doing enough for renewable energy?             NO (88%)
2 Why do you say that?    
3 Govt should introduce strong policy?                          YES (92%)
4 More renewable energy to deal with rising prices?   YES (94%)
5 Govt should Plan for 100% renewable energy?         YES (92%)
6 Should Australia put a price tag on pollution?            YES (84%)
7 Should government stand up to big companies?        YES (82%)
8 What would you say to your local representative?  

Things respondents wanted to say to their local politicians were as follows:

Clean up our energy/climate

We need to change our energy to renewable energy as soon as possible as a community

As a community we need to change to renewable energy as soon as possible

Keep up working on it

Put the interests of the people of Australia ahead of those of politicians

Listen to scientific opinion on climate change

My vote is strong for the right thing and listen to the scientific community, and act accordingly. Do not waste any more time. And just Do your job. For the Environment please.

Human caused climate change is biggest challenge of the century

Whether you believe in global warming or not there is no need to keep polluting the earth. We can build renewable energy NOW!. E people want it, business want it. Its just you and your polluting mates that don’t.

Build more renewable energy so we can close coal power down

Give public more incentives to go solar

Direct investment is better than a tax on carbon. Empower all households financially and practically with renewable energy rather than big business. Stop pandering to big business. Get households working and business will have to follow

Renewable energy is a good thing for the future regardless of the climate changing or not

Wake up Australia

This is the most urgent issue of our times

Reintroduce solar incentives

Lets cut carbon emissions – lets switch to renewable energies – lets give disincentives to those who are using coal and those who are clearing native forests. This is serious – lets treat it as such

Its time to act – put a strong case for climate change, eg. Extreme weather events – Qld floods, cyclones + that we need to act now as the rest of te world is. Local action is possible too – Energy conservation – stop energy wastage after hours: ban plastic bags, put in bike racks at centres/front of busses; use mini-busses between major bus routes; have bikes/scooters for hire in centres

At the very least explain your changes in policy positions. At least be honest that you are in the pockets of big companies and the unions.

Plan for the long term future. Plan for green jobs

We need: – carbon price; feed in tariffs for solar; no new coal fired power stations; there are more jobs per kilowatt in renewable energy than in coal power

Keep feed in tariffs (at least 20 to 30 c per kilowatt) for solar. Keep rebates for setting up solar/wind etc. initiatives for individuals. Need feed in tariff for large renewable projects.

Pass laws instead of cost shifting. Do more to stop exporting coal

Re-instate the feed in tariff to 40c/kWh

Government leadership needed in setting a price on carbon and /or a carbon trading scheme

Look at my answers

Working now towards affordable renewable cleaner energy + accelerating when have it “right”

Climate Change is still the greatest moral challenge of our age. The time to act is now!


Develop a clear strategy for electorate based on climate change predictions. Develop strategies – short, medium and long term. Do this without reverting to “toe party lines”, viz be objective, consider best scientific advice. Needs to be done now not 2 weeks before next election or 2 years before 2020 – We are one of the most vulnerable areas in the state.

You should really do something about it rather than pay lip service as Europe have done

Renewables can deliver base load energy i.e. concentrated solar energy

Reduce priorities of marginal projects to keep budget in surplus

Enough spin. It’s time for action!

Need to change from large scale energy provision to individual forms. Provide greater incentives for households to install solar; businesses to use wind, etc.

Create more incentives for solar energy

More rebates/incentives for residents to install energy saving devices and educate people, I don’t think they know enough about anything!

My child’s life depends on what you decide now – you can either choose to support short-term economic goals and vested interests or you can save the planet

Liberals suck. Need stronger action

Don’t give into scare campaigns, do the right thing.

A carbon price is the most efficient way to make a difference

Good way to foster investment in renewables is carbon tax

The general community support strong action, Do it!

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