National Survey

Members of Climate Future are walking the streets of the Central Coast this weekend as part of the National 100% Renewable Energy Survey.

The details are set out in our previous post on 24th Feb 2011.

In short, the survey aims to collect 20,000 Australian opinions on renewable energy, whether we need it and how fast to move to it. Peopl;e will be door-knocking all over Australia. The survey results will be presented to our local politicians and their responses reported to you (if you wish) and presented on this web site.

If you have been visited by our door-knockers and you want to complete a survey or become more actively involved, or perhaps you just want to get more information about renewable energy, contact us on

Of course, we hope the survey will help start conversations about the need for renewables over fossil fuels. Knocking on doors and simply asking a few short questions can help to spread the word.

Please contact us if you want to help, but while your here, have a browse through some of our other articles. Or take a peek at our links page. There is a long list of Australian sites as well as lots of other interesting and important web sites relating to climate change. Our Impacts page focuses on the effects of climate change on our own local area.

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