National Doorknock Survey on Renewable Energy

Be part of a National doorknocking climate change survey!

Two years ago, in the green-seated chamber of Australia’s House of Representatives, a then little-known MP rose to make a reading in support of a bill he’d just introduced. The bill called for the introduction of a policy that would drive investment in renewable energy at an unprecented rate in Australia – a national feed-in tariff – and the MP finished his reading by imploring the community to get behind him.

“I urge the government… to reconsider the policy of the feed-in tariff system, in particular a gross feed-in tariff system, and I encourage the households of Australia…

to start to put pressure on local members of parliament and on the executive.” he said.

Today that MP, Rob Oakeshott, is a household name. But while he’s leaped to prominence in Australia, unfortunately his renewable energy legislation has not fared so well. With the Australian government cutting renewable programs to pay for climate-related disasters, the need for the “households of Australia” to put pressure on local members of parliament has never been stronger.

That’s why, starting 26 February this month, community groups are setting an ambitious target to respond to Oakeshott’s call to action – and to ensure local members around the country know their community wants them to do more on renewables.

We’ve set a goal to gather 20,000 surveys, for Rob Oakeshott  (or another friendly independent) to table these results in parliament in June and for local community groups around the nation to present them to their local members of parliament on Friday 24th of June – before the new senate sits.

Many local groups are already getting involved all over the country. Climate Future will be part of this activity and hope to mobilise many locals to go doorknocking. 

On the last Saturday of the month for the next four months people will go out in their local areas to build numbers in this survey. Running a survey like this allows us to speak to people in our community, spread the word, and show our MPs what people really think about renewable energy.

If you want to help email to abnd let us know how to contact you and when you are available.

We know the government is lining up to say that renewable energy policy won’t be needed once a carbon price is in place – so its critical we are out saying we need a high price on carbon AND renewable energy. Having Oakeshott table 20,000 survey results – and local members across the nation receiving surveys in the last week – will put the spotlight on the community support for the government to back renewable energy.

The dates for your diaries are:

Saturday 26 March – surveying
Saturday 30 April – surveying
Saturday 28 May – National Doorknock Day
Friday 26 June – National day presenting survey results to local MPS

The questions are easy to answer and only take a few minutes. There is even a guide sheet on how to ask the questions.

Further information will be posted once we know how many of you are interested.

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