Letters to the Editor

In response to recent letters in the local Express Advocate newspaper, the following letter was sent to the Editor.

Central Coast Express Advocate
Locked Bag 13

In response to recent letters in the Express Advocate (19 Jan 2011) I believe these people have been misled on the facts of climate change. Much of the literature in the denial sphere has no basis in fact and belongs in the fiction section of the library.

Those who oppose the science are simply wrong to discount the basic facts of the action of CO2 and other greenhouse gases on the energy imbalance of this planet and the certainty that humans are to blame for the increase in these gases.

Human activity is indeed causing our climate to warm. The real problem is that what we are doing now will drive change into the future with our grandchildren set to suffer from the damage we are doing now. Decisions made today will have impacts echoing down through history.

The longer we delay abandoning fossil fuels the more drastic the action to reduce their use will be required. If we leave it another 10 years before strong action (including in China/US) we will be facing drastic economic measures to prevent the loss of assets such coral reefs and tropical biodiversity.

There is still time to prevent the worst impacts, but we have to act now and the best economic tool is a rising price on CO2 (and other GHGs). This has to be underpinned by emissions targets in the context of international cooperation and a raft of other initiatives to guide the process of changing to a low carbon economy. The target indicated by the latest science is a 40% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2020. Lets get on with implementing the measures that can make this happen.

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