New Year 2011

One of the Wikileaks US Cables from 2006 details the threat to S.E. Asia from global warming. The cable is a report on the briefing by Australia’s Office of National Security. Damage to China’s agriculture from a drop in river flows as the glaciers dry up is warned to be part of the general de-stabilization of the economic and political scene in S.E. Asia.

China has since become much more aware of the threat of global warming to its survival. Just in the last few days the China Meteorological Administration (CMA) issued a statement that the number of extreme events in 2010 was the highest in a decade.

“Global warming was largely to blame” said Chen Zhenlin, director of the emergency response, disaster mitigation and public services department under the CMA.

Our task is to replace our fossil fuel use within the next 20 years and we have to start immediately.

“Storms of my Grandchildren” by James Hansen (NASA, see the links page) re-confirms that we have to act swiftly or we face a potential disaster with the climate spiralling away into chaos.

Replacing our fossil fuel use requires us to re-build our electricity power stations, replace petrol with a renewable fuel or use electric cars, renew our heavy industry with low carbon methods and find replacements for cement.

The most immediate is the replacement of our power stations. Australia relies heavily on coal power so our first task is to build NO NEW COAL POWER STATIONS and then to replace our old ones with renewable energy.

There are plans around to do just that. These don’t get enough attention in the media. Politicians have been briefed on them but pay little attention.

Instead we see more approvals for new coal power stations. When will we learn? Hopefully not too late.

Please if you want to help, write to your politicians now. The will be a NSW election soon. That is the best time to make an impact on policy and the opinions of politicians.

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