Latest News still bad, but ‘end on a positive note’

Research recently undertaken shows that people accept the science more readily if there is a positive solution provided. The research identifies those who have a belief in the world being a “just” place have trouble accepting the science if there is no accompanying message about what we can do to fix the problem.

Therefore, if presenters provide positive solutions and give people hope that there is a way forward, those with the “just” view of the world are more likely to accept the science, even if it is all doom and gloom as the current projections suggest.

So the best way forward is to present the truth about the changes we are facing – that we have already set changes in place that will impact profoundly on our children and grand children; but end with the message that we can achieve change with what we currently have now. We don’t need to find some magic new solution, we have them right now.

The Beyond Zero Emissions project

has the answers already worked out. All we need is the political courage to put the plan into practice. They show how Australia could be totally renewable by 2020. 19 major renewable energy power stations scattered across the outback with a mix of solar concentrators, wind and geothermal power.

The message is that it IS possible, we only need to get on with it.

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