350 Event on the Central Coast

Sunday 10:10:10 was a day of action for the 350 organization. More than 7000 events were held throughout the world in 188 different countries.

Our local event saw a dedicated group of people meet at the Uniting Church in Kincumber. They proceeded to Umina and planted 350 trees in Umina Reserve. The organizers would like to thank Gosford City Council for providing the seedlings and staff to assist with the plantings.

The Uniting Church Minister, Rev Dr Kenneth Brown supported the event and helped with the planting. “I’m delighted and honoured that this event was held from the Kincumber Uniting Church” said Rev Brown. The Uniting Church Minister is concerned at the loss of species that is being driven by human activity such as carbon emissions. “Natural habitats for animal species are being destroyed. We have to be aware of the care of the planet. Its as much their planet as it is ours.” said Reverend Brown in his Scottish brogue. 

The organizer of the event, Alan Eaton said “I fear that there is too much apathy. We need to respond to the warnings before it is too late.”

More here… http://www.350.org/en/invitation .

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